Iron Giant Fan Art

Here are two vector illustrations I did for a friend who is a big fan of the Iron Giant. He wanted to see his granddaughters interacting with the Giant. The design of the robot lends itself to dramatic lighting. I created three roughs with pens and markers before scanning the two he wanted and vectorized them.

Iron_GiantREV2-02 Iron_GiantREV2-01

Tarot HELLen

For the fourth year in a row, I have had the opportunity to illustrate for Skydive Arizona’s Annual Halloween “Carnivale” event. Each year we feature “HELLen”, a devious skydiving femme fatale, in a different theme. This year; she’s a broom riding witch illustrated in a woodcut style inspired by traditional Tarot cards. The comps were drawn in pen and ink. The final is vector art from Adobe Illustrator.


Sailor Mommy!

I’m not a big Sailor Moon fan but my wife is! Here is an illustration I did for her birthday based on a looser than usual sketch. The sketch is in pencil and the final vector art was created with Adobe Illustrator. I enjoyed playing with the transparency and blending modes to create the background. Oh, and the stars are a customized scatter brush.