Summer of Love

This illustration is for two good friends that are getting married this week. They are having a Fairy Tale themed wedding. The bride is Beauty and the groom is a Beast! However, this beast descends for Ireland and sports a Kilt and Sporran. The illustration was inked with a brush and colored with Photoshop. I used a pattern overlay for the kilt and a layer mask on a copy of the line art for the “color holds” (colored lines).


ACE 2014

The Albuquerque Comic Expo was a great experience this past weekend. Thanks to all the attendees and fellow artists we got a chance to see. A special shout-out goes to the Jason Salas, Luis Prieto-Wilmot, Josh Ulrich and Stephan McCranie who participated in an inspiring artist talk at the Southwest University of Visual arts after the con on Friday. I also want to thank our table mate, Jeff Benham!