My illustration students and I got the rare opportunity to meet Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company. Despite the economy, industry myths, and our own fears; he encouraged use to, relentlessly, make cool sh*&t. I personally appreciated this dose of inspiration as I’ve fallen prey to my own fears as of late. I picked up his book and I recommend you do to!


Cars are Hard to Draw

I recently had the opportunity to illustrate storyboards for some car commercials. Needless to say, I had to draw a few cars and had to brush up on my perspective and vehicle drawing skills. “How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination by Scott Robertson” was a great help and I highly recommend it. Scott Robertson has a lot of great resources for artists at his website. Here are some highlights from that storyboard job illustrated in pencil.

24 Hour Comic Day 2016

I definitely experienced a career highlight at this year’s 24 Hour Comic Day hosted by 7000BC at Twin Suns. Not only did I complete the challenge but I was joined by a crew of top notch comic creators. AlanaraeBrittany Sedillo,J. Goldston, Derek Kinabrew, Soto, Gabriel Benavides, Jeff Benham, Rosie, Chuck Larntz and “Syk” Ryk Martinez were among the iron-willed artists.


Local Illustrators Featured in ABQ the Mag

The latest issue of Albuquerque the Magazine features several up and coming artists that I have had the honor of working with at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. They illustrated the scary stories of Jocelyn Moya; each in their own unique style. I would like to thank Larryl Lynch and Jennifer Roybal at Albuquerque the Magazine and Joanne Pils at SUVA for helping make this happen!

This is a bright group of cartoonists, illustrators, painters, animators and designers! Alanarae, Brittany Sedillo, Gaspar Salazar, Donald Washington, J. Goldston, Corey Yazzie, Derrick B. Lee, and Jeramy Martinez. Pick up a copy today and support these guys.


Bubonicon 48

I will be joining the 7000BC comic creators group at Bubonic 48 this weekend. Come on out and if you enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, comics and table table top gaming. Back in 2006, I collaborated with storytelling mage, Jeff Benham, to illustrate this Bubonic inspired piece entitled “The Reintegration of Venus Rat”. Jeff drew it and I inked it.


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