Doggie Dash and Dawdle Caricatures

I will be drawing caricatures at the Doggie Dash & Dawdle brought to you by Animal Humane New Mexico at Balloon Fiesta Park from 8am to 2pm Sunday, November 6th. This is their largest fundraiser of the year. Here is how you can participate.  In the meantime, I wanted to share this illustration I did of my dog. It is pen, knife, ink on white scratchboard.


Happy Svengoolie Day!

Back in 2014, Chicago TV Legend Svengoolie (aka Rich Koz) was honored in the state of Illinois with an official day. You can read the official decree here. My dad got me into Sven in the early 80’s and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I celebrate Svengoolie day every year on October 31st–oh, and Halloween too.





My illustration students and I got the rare opportunity to meet Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company. Despite the economy, industry myths, and our own fears; he encouraged use to, relentlessly, make cool sh*&t. I personally appreciated this dose of inspiration as I’ve fallen prey to my own fears as of late. I picked up his book and I recommend you do to!


Cars are Hard to Draw

I recently had the opportunity to illustrate storyboards for some car commercials. Needless to say, I had to draw a few cars and had to brush up on my perspective and vehicle drawing skills. “How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination by Scott Robertson” was a great help and I highly recommend it. Scott Robertson has a lot of great resources for artists at his website. Here are some highlights from that storyboard job illustrated in pencil.