Styx at 1 Million Cups

Alana Rae Garcia of Al Does Art pitched her new comic book series “The Styx” at 1 Million Cups here in Albuquerque. I had the honor of working with Alana as she produced the first issue of this inspired project. “The Styx” tackles the subject of death in a very human way with fantastic heroes and villains in a fantastic dreamscape. It’s reminiscent of  “What Dreams May Come” meets “Alice in Wonderland”. Follow Al Does Art on Facebook to order issues of “The Styx.”


2017 AHCC Gala Promotions

I had the tremendous opportunity to design the promotional material for the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce and their 2017 Gala. Every year, the event known as La Noche Encantada incorporates a different theme. This year, they featured Albuquerque in the theme “Rich in the Extraordinary”. I designed a couple comps but ultimately the über talented Craig Berry set the aesthetic tone with his invitation design. I then designed the tickets, program, outdoor boards, and print ads for both the gala and the after party.


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